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Walt Smith waltechmail@yahoo.com
Fri Dec 30 11:43:33 EST 2016


I appreciate support from a few who understand
my POV on dialup.

I'd like to take a minute to perhaps illuminate my
perspective on the apps I use, and why.

First, the real issue is not using dialup.  It's my choice
but I really don't see that as an issue for anyone else.
It's simply speed.

The real issue is that ppp is a sophisticated networking
program.  It can use static or DHCP.  Various forms of 
authentication.   It sets up a real interface with both node
and gateway IP's. It can be snooped. It can go down.
It can go bad. The interface and the dialing are two different
issues, -- after making the modem connection the pppd must
establish itself, and maintain under various conditions.  In my
case, if the modem connection stays up, I * should * be able
to reestablish the pppd protocol when it goes down without
dropping the modem. (I'm not asking for a specific solution from
this email ).  I view using ppp as an opportunity to explore the
options without messing much with my provider, and fixing...
although, at this point of the same problem ( the other end not
sending data ), it's becoming old ( again only for this one issue ).

My problem is that after a yum update - and I'm not necessarily
blaming yum -- I have a gnome panel that is unfavorable toward
adding icon/applets.  The core applets on the LHS work.  Several
others do not.  It may very well be my fault for some of the
problems with partial updates, but it's not my fault in at least
one instance, maybe two.   I'm not outsourcing blame, but more
interested in figuring out why it doesn't work and fixing it.  
I do need to outsource the Q's to get some help.

At the other end, I don't want to spend months trying  to become
an expert in the entire distro !!!!!  At any significant depth !!
Can you say " Level 0 thru level 99 "  ( Not the OSI model !!! )

(I'm still into basic networking and will return at a later date !!..
you may groan loudly and take a shot of Scotch ..)

Note:   when I get no responses, I assume people are either 
very busy ( professionally or otherwise )  or simply don't know 
the answer.  Thats fine.    I trudge on, sometimes, and post 
any additional info if I  have some.  I don't * expect * anyone 
to solve my problems.

OTOH, my search using google for previous web pages 
and blogs for solutions or suggestions is becoming more and
more a dead end because of Very outdated posts - nothing
new, and it's been discussed here previously.  And everyone
loves Ubuntu even more than  might be obvious...and
no one designs with transistors anymore.  Don't have to go 
down THAT far, but sometimes playing with a SoC or
Arduino/Raspberry seems to be very popular these days.
Hint:  Do I want to know all about the gnome api interfaces ?

uhhhhhhh...    noooooooooooooooo  .....  

I see others posting questions  and view all of them the same way,
and sometimes choose to participate in either some slight
suggestion I may have, or with a hopefully acceptable
smartass or sarcastic reply to let them know their email has
been read.  And hopefully never seen as a putdown.
I've been told by one reader my posts have a sound of being 
demanding.  OK, So, I've been frustrated on occasion, but the * intent *
is never to be demanding, so maybe I can add something to the tone
of the post ?  naaaaa...  I've "heard"   some pretty good "screaming"
in text on this list in the past...   It's calmed down a lot lately....  
Sometimes to the point of unconsciousness...

But after about 30+ years, I've tried to model questions
and factual statements to be inline with the list.    If I left another
impression, sorry.

OK  so some of the above may have been discussed endlessly
already...  sometimes things need to be revisited...  

And as I told Larsen, I still have - after 2 weeks - over a dozen 
novalug post "tabs" still open for addressing.... but maybe time 
will render them  impotent ...



 The government is lawless, not the press (people).
 ( [Supreme Court] Justice Douglas re: The Pentagon Papers )

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