[Novalug] process intercommunication

Walt Smith waltechmail@yahoo.com
Thu Dec 29 18:31:26 EST 2016

So, how many ways would one need to explore....??

some buzzwords:  ipc, rpc, unix sockets, internet sockets,
d-bus, i-bus, pipes, pseudofiles, files...  etc (??)..
( PC recently asked if I wanted to install beta i-bus.. )
I haven't a clue what universe it came from.

Is it possible the file display updates are related
to the way NFS is configured ( if used ) ?
vfs ?

Because possibly somewhat related, I think I'm
getting mucked up communication between the OS 
and the gnome gui, or possibly inter/intra-gnome comms ...



> If I had to guess, I would think they are probably using something
>like inotify to watch the filesystem for changes, and then refresh the
>listing when that happens.
>That would allow the updates to occur whether the window
>is active or not.  Another simple possibility is to redisplay
>the listing every time the window is selected.

Yes, that's a possibility too.  I'm not going to volunteer to read the Firefox code to find out for sure though :-)

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