[Novalug] process intercommunication

Gary Knott garyknott@gmail.com
Thu Dec 29 14:48:04 EST 2016

I'm running the Firefox browser, and I'm viewing my gmail
page, and I'm "composing" an email to send to someone,
and I click on the paperclip to "attach" a file (a pdf file
generated from a .tex file actually), and the "file chooser"
window pops-up, listing my top-level files, including
the file I want to attach.

Now I see it is out-of date, so I switch to a terminal
window, and rebuild the pdf file I want to attach.

The "file-chooser" window is automatically updated
to show the date and size of the new file!

Can anyone explain in some just-right detail how that
trick is coded?   (How it might be coded is good, but
how it really is coded is even better.)

Gary Knott

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