[Novalug] Network Manager ( is it all there ?)

Walt Smith waltechmail@yahoo.com
Tue Dec 27 00:02:30 EST 2016

You're right.

What I have is a config screen when clicked icon..
I'm missing the functional part.

Both * were * available from one icon which was 2 terminals 
one slightly behind the other.  Some somehow the update
clobbered something ( like another 2 applets ).

It's labeled with mouseover:

Network Connects
Manage and change your network settings.

So then the Q is how do I get the other part working again ?


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On Mon, 12/26/16, greg pryzby <greg@pryzby.org> wrote:

 Subject: Re: [Novalug] Network Manager ( is it all there ?)
 To: "Walt Smith" <waltechmail@yahoo.com>, "novalug" <novalug@firemountain.net>
 Date: Monday, December 26, 2016, 9:19 PM
 screenshots, it is a guess. There is an icon in the upper
 right that is where NetworkManager selects the
 The screen you are referring to,
 sounds like the config screen.
 So config vs add.
 (From the internet as to lazy to go
 to Linux box to grab images)PICKhttp://i1-linux.softpedia-static.com/screenshots/NetworkManager_1.png
 On Mon, Dec 26,
 2016 at 5:55 PM Walt Smith via Novalug <novalug@firemountain.net>
 after a yum update,  I have a icon and menu item to
 start Network Manager but it looks/acts differently.
 It starts with the window to select or add a connections.
 It has wired and wireless listings.
 But has no  way to "enable" or disable
 There is no longer any way to select to
 connect, or even radio survey:   There is only a selection
 add, delete or edit a previous list that was there.
 A way to fix it would be very helpful....
 NOTE:  I updated it as part of an incremental update
 not a month or 2 ago, it didn't change, and this
 should have been be very minor.  It wasn't.
 Plugging in a USB connector using a Smartphone
 as a router worked OK. So do several peripherals
 out on a eth0 192.168.1.x   And ppp, more or less still
  The government is lawless, not the press (people).
  ( [Supreme Court] Justice Douglas re: The Pentagon Papers
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