[Novalug] Network Manager ( is it all there ?)

Walt Smith waltechmail@yahoo.com
Mon Dec 26 17:54:11 EST 2016


after a yum update,  I have a icon and menu item to
start Network Manager but it looks/acts differently.

It starts with the window to select or add a connections.
It has wired and wireless listings.
But has no  way to "enable" or disable connections.
There is no longer any way to select to
connect, or even radio survey:   There is only a selection to
add, delete or edit a previous list that was there.

A way to fix it would be very helpful....

NOTE:  I updated it as part of an incremental update
not a month or 2 ago, it didn't change, and this update
should have been be very minor.  It wasn't.

Plugging in a USB connector using a Smartphone 
as a router worked OK. So do several peripherals
out on a eth0 192.168.1.x   And ppp, more or less still 



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