[Novalug] modemmanager ( how, where ?)

Walt Smith waltechmail@yahoo.com
Mon Dec 26 17:41:46 EST 2016

I seem to have ModemManager installed...
( looking at alternative to kppp )

[root@CentOS68 waltech]# rpm -qa Modem*

(I've never used it )

Can't find it.  Nothing in pull down menu's.
( usually Preferences and System )

Found a /user/sbin/modem-manager
which does nothing ( obvious ) when started.
no man page.

I think it's been there awhile.
After checking a site with info--- UGH .... it turned
out to be an SCO.org....  THe claim is there is
a gui to start it.

I do have wvdial.  Prefer to keep using kppp.

But thats now wierd.  ( I have several problems as a result
of a system "yum" upgrade with no errors in the end. )

Need  to find something to "use" Modem Manager with,
and probably a decent example that shows it's useful.



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