[Novalug] gnome-applet permissions

Walt Smith waltechmail@yahoo.com
Mon Dec 26 17:17:01 EST 2016


I'm trying to copy some files thru fileroller:
I'm trying to "extract" ( not quite literally )
the modemlights app from gnome applet
( file and folder pieces of the package discretely ).

gnome-applet rpm, CentOS 6.8, specific files/folders 
inside the rpm using archive manager and 
file manager to copy/paste to hard disk gnome directory(s).

I have a rpm file gnome-applets with a modemlights app.

I use the file manager and "open" the rpm
not with the installer, but with the archive manager.
The file manager shows the folder.  I want to copy
the folder to the linux dir.

The literal copy may not work.  So I use the extract function
in the gnome ui.   It says I don't have permissions.  I can "copy"
but not paste.

I right click the folder ( or a file ) and try changing ugo permissions,
and it doesn't work.   I haven't tried changing all to world (rwxrwxrwx )
Because that would involve multiple subfolders and files.
Besides, trying it on One File didn't work.

OK, so I use a lot of words to describe the problem --- not the first time
I've had this problem, but now is the time to find the proper way.

I've spend several hours tracking down the particular gnome-applet 
rpm file and am a bit wore out, so I'm asking if there is something in
selinux or gnome security preventing me from doing this...
Was gonna use the command line as root, but hey .....
lots of dir changing and line copying ....

( very few seem to have a CentOS5.x repository for rpm packages...
besides, I think this was add-on from gnome... )

Anyway, I'll take a chance if a bin file is needed (I haven't
selected all the file sets to move ), or if the bin will work....

So the problem boils down to a gnome permission probem 
using the gui file manager and archive manager.



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