[Novalug] Ethernet cable for outdoor use: UV protected

Howard L how0909@freeshell.org
Fri Dec 23 12:09:43 EST 2016

I just noticed last week that some 12-2 UV house wire which is exposed 
to sunlight has gotten crispy and cracked through in stressed places.

Reminds me also, that a couple of years ago I had to tape up our 100amp 
service cable because the outer grey insulation was split and flaking 
off and the water was actually seeping down inside of it to our breaker 
panel. I was alerted to that when circuit went dead and on inspection I 
found a corroded breaker! cobblers family's shoes...

So is the plastic is crummier or is t that the Ozone Layer is more 
damaged than we have being told.
Or is it that more time actually passes than it feels like and I am old 
and stuff wears out.

Yeah garden hoses sure seem to last forever, even the cheap vinyl ones.

On 12/22/2016 11:02 PM, James Ewing Cottrell III via Novalug wrote:
> UV rays can be Nasty, but they are Easy to Stop. Think about it...one 
> layer of Cloth keeps you from getting Sunburnt. Don't you think the 
> Plastic on the Cable will Protect the Wires Inside?
> OK, so maybe the UV helps break down the plastic, but I'd thing that 
> Temperature and Moisture Changes would do More Harm. Perhaps UV is 
> just a Codeword for Climate Tough Construction. 

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