[Novalug] IRC chat and IP address privacy

Walt Smith waltechmail@yahoo.com
Fri Dec 23 11:07:16 EST 2016

I really enjoyed that !!

Don't know if sentence structure or typos
were intended..  But it all blended so well.

not too often posted mind you ... !!!

But really a great composition !!!


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So Santa@NorthPole.com....

So sad, Nick...

I used to IRC, but BitchX seemed to have gone away, so what was the point?

But I digress.

Finding people with e911 and other tools is useful some times.  The few who
have my phone number / email given to them by me, in various communities,
probably got a don't  send suicide notes, etc.  At least a couple people
may have called me not making sense, then I found out died.  And prank and
threatening calls.  That's without collections type stuff.  Oddly, comms
is what is most late, past due.   But subsidized is still on, just eon get
many bars/signal, and several important times get temp service
unavailable,  whatever the cannot call cell phone codes are.

Stalking existed before the internet, but several FLOSS luminaries have had
some problems, makes you wonder profit motive v. Freedom...  Are they
hunted down for not being greedy, essentially.

Privacy hasn't existed, at least well, for a long time.

Dialin was usually used when I was chatting more.  PreDSL,
precableinternet.  And not much WiFi back then.  And that was maybe 7-10+
years ago on international chats about personal money problems.  Many times
in bad travelling/commuting weather.

Public WiFi  is a b $#%@, and far too many people round here
overhear/evesdrop and repeat too much of my few voice calls.  Slums suck.
Financial and gang predators are more the norm than the exception,
including people paid to help. Calls seem to be jumped on, interrupted by
someone else's voice asking personal questions about stuff, pretending to
be the trusted person called.  Person to person would be extra costs, and
operator intervention.  Monitoring and security titles misused by imposters
who don't really identify.  Phishing, social engineering, etc.

But, again, I digress.  Difficulty breathing and woke up, seemingly
hyperventilating/breathing heavy, so might be basically cardiac at night.
And then there are the smokers locked in at night in a supposedly no
smoking building and shared ventilation system problems...  even without
pesticides and other vape/spray/noxious  issues .

And gone way off topic.  Wonder if religion was genned  to help get thru
difficult winters.  Post solstice, scientifically/physically days getting
longer, but more snow, bad weather before it's over, spring.  Lag time.

And that is without party change, austerity measures,  etc.
ClimateChange.WayBackMachine.org anyone?

 The government is lawless, not the press (people).
 ( [Supreme Court] Justice Douglas re: The Pentagon Papers )

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