[Novalug] tool for wireless

James Ewing Cottrell III jecottrell3@comcast.net
Thu Dec 22 22:04:12 EST 2016

On 12/17/2016 7:21 PM, Peter Larsen via Novalug wrote:
> step 2, check Hardware Compatibility List for your OS

Unfortunately, this is often Less Than Useful. Unfortunately, these list 
are often written using the Underlying Chip (for example, ATI GFX cards 
were referred to as RVI-250 or RVI-350. Um, Great, but tell me What It 
Says On The Box In The Store! Or Wifi cards were described as "using 
Atheros chips". Hello! That is Often NOT On The Box, and the Salesmen 
don't know WTF you are Talking About!

So Please...write theses lists from the Point of View of the Consumer.

Better Yet, someone please Write a Tool,something like sosreport that 
lists the configuration, lets people name the Report (e.g. Dell Latitude 
1500), and Uploads it to some kind of Automatic Database.


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