[Novalug] Windows-7 Update Frustrations (solved)

Walt Smith waltechmail@yahoo.com
Tue Dec 20 12:15:41 EST 2016

Whenever  I meet someone new, or a relative
asks me anything about computers, the first words out
of my mouth are:   

"I don't fix computers because I know
nothing about Windows..  I use something else.
Thats why Windows guys
are paid so much money - because ti takes so darn
long to fix 'em. "

PS:  I've noticed a couple posting on slashdot in the last year
about updates freezing or  killing a PC even with reboots....
So my Win7 is not "patched"...  although it has SP1.


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Subject: [Novalug] Windows-7 Update Frustrations (solved)
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I'm posting this to rant as well as pass on info that might help others
stuck with relatives / "friends" who use Windows. I know that there are
some of you (us) who sometimes get called upon to fix Window$ problems.

<rant>Win-7 had not updated since April. Hours spent -- futile efforts.

Searching the web led to a "solution:"
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