[Novalug] Windows-7 Update Frustrations (solved)

Roger W. Broseus RogerB@bronord.com
Mon Dec 19 21:00:38 EST 2016

I'm posting this to rant as well as pass on info that might help others
stuck with relatives / "friends" who use Windows. I know that there are
some of you (us) who sometimes get called upon to fix Window$ problems.

<rant>Win-7 had not updated since April. Hours spent -- futile efforts.

Searching the web led to a "solution:"


After two tries and hours of effort - multiple reboot -- yall know the
drill -- problem not solved.

Next, plough through 97 comments, some going back to March, 2016.

2. Around comment no. 95 -- yes, I read with endless hope -- on Dec. 5,
2016, DanH12 suggested a solution:

Method 2. worked for *me*, and, also solved the long-standing problem of
svchost.exe hogging CPU resources and slowing the computer to a crawl.

In the end, some people found that method No. 1 while others found method
No. 2 solved their problems. Method 1., step No. 7 (of 11 steps) urged
users to "Be patient, this file can take a while to process. Restart when
the installation finishes." During my second trip down method No. 1 lane,
I let the PC run for > 24 hrs. No luck.

<rant>If I were paranoid, I'd think that maybe MS is making it
purposefully difficult for users to update Win-7. Why can't MS be like
Linux? Just work, especially for updates with very few reboots? One soul
said he'd given up and installed Linux in 20 minutes. Lucky guy.</rant>

<truth>I've got borderline, MS-induced paranoia. I hope my end-user will
be happy. (S/he is considering purchase of a new computer, sort-of
nullifying my efforts.)</truth>

Roger Broseus

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