[Novalug] Ethernet cable for outdoor use: UV protected

Walt Smith waltechmail@yahoo.com
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If you are redoing it, then you already have good advice.

But also, where was the failure ?
If it's at the connector, then slab some RTV ( silicon
adhesive ) all over the connector.  It's flexible, watertight
and easily pulled off if need be.

A tie wrap can be used at the ethernet connector ( tight on the cable )
going to the mount device as a strain relief

An innline repair can be done with a quality black electrical tape.
Or better, get some heat shrink tubing and slide over
vulnerable sections. It's a good insulator and resistant 
to sun and abuse.

It's also good for better separation of electrical conductors
( electrically speaking. ).  Slide some on wher eit comes close to the
power line -- as long as it's the 120/220 etc power and NOT
the top of pole 13kv lines !!!!

And if you REALLY want to be Top Trash !!
Aluminum foil is totally sun resistant.  Wrap it around the cable
and tie wrap in place with maybe some glue- again rtv, or any 
other kind wher the hardened form conforms to the shape of the 
cable and foil.   The cable probaly has an internal sheld anyway,
so you're just protecting the outside plastic.

And always double check operation when done.  The aluminum foil
MAY ( unlikely ) has some capacitive side effects .

Now, remember, this is all for a beautiful day like
the present.... when it's warm, sunny outside.


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I bought some 1/2 inch 'sunlight resistant' exterior conduit, its bulky and somewhat hard to shape
for my application, hence why I'm looking to move away from that.  I can see, however, maybe a
combination of the two.

My ethernet cable will run directly past the main electrical feel line, I have no choice in the
matter.  Distance separation is .25 inch, maybe....

Thank you for your reply.
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