[Novalug] Ethernet cable for outdoor use: UV protected

greg pryzby greg@pryzby.org
Sat Dec 17 09:27:26 EST 2016

I would opt for UV. That said I tool old cat 5 and have used it for years
working replacing and no issues but not the smartest thing (probably)

On Sat, Dec 17, 2016, 9:19 AM Jay Hart via Novalug <novalug@firemountain.net>

> The standard ethernet cable I had running from indoors to outside
> connected to the Verizon ONT
> failed.  I've got a temp cable installed but instead of running a standard
> ethernet cable (and
> putting in in a UV shielded but makeshift weather protected 'package') I'm
> thinking on
> incorporating UV protection and weather protection into the cable (so its
> comes as one packaged
> deal).
> Does this cable look adequate for use from a specification perspective?
> http://www.l-com.com/multimedia/datasheets/DS_CA5NF4-REEL.PDF
> I have some other options, here is a link:
> http://www.l-com.com/ethernet-cat5e-outdoor-ethernet-cable-uv-resistant-bulk-cable
> I would like 80 feet and run two cable, one operating cable and a spare,
> and have a few feet left
> over for anything else...
> Hopefully I'll get some comments back this weekend so I can place an order
> by 12 noon Monday.
> Thanks for your time,
> Jay
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greg pryzby

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