[Novalug] Ethernet cable for outdoor use: UV protected

Jay Hart jhart@kevla.org
Sat Dec 17 09:17:47 EST 2016

The standard ethernet cable I had running from indoors to outside connected to the Verizon ONT
failed.  I've got a temp cable installed but instead of running a standard ethernet cable (and
putting in in a UV shielded but makeshift weather protected 'package') I'm thinking on
incorporating UV protection and weather protection into the cable (so its comes as one packaged

Does this cable look adequate for use from a specification perspective?


I have some other options, here is a link:


I would like 80 feet and run two cable, one operating cable and a spare, and have a few feet left
over for anything else...

Hopefully I'll get some comments back this weekend so I can place an order by 12 noon Monday.

Thanks for your time,


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