[Novalug] route take a very long time

Walt Smith waltechmail@yahoo.com
Fri Dec 16 11:41:32 EST 2016

to display. . . . 

I type route, and the first label line comes up, but then
it can take 30 seconds before the actual routes are shown.

Note: the route itself for layer 4 seems to be not working
for at least one of the entries. I'm interested in just a little
more info other than "because the route is screwed up".

taking ppp0 down, and eth0 down and letting it
set overnight, a redial allows the route command to work
easily.  I didn't think to try "ip route" until this morning.

This has happened before over the years, so I know there's some 
reason for route's behavior.  It should be listed (IMHO)
in the man page.   A web search didn't find anything, but maybe
a different set of search terms ??? 



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