[Novalug] X not starting in CentOS 6.8 (SOLVED)

Peter Larsen peter@peterlarsen.org
Wed Dec 14 21:55:11 EST 2016

On 12/14/2016 09:10 PM, James Ewing Cottrell III via Novalug wrote:
> RHEL5 didn't allow booting off ext4; you had to use ext3.
> RHEL5 didn't allow booting off xfs; now you can in RHEL7. 

When was ext4 released? (hint 2008). When was RHEL5 released? (hint
2006). Now tell me again, how RHEL5 is supposed to support ext4 as a
first class module?

XFS was only included as an add-on to RHEL6 it wouldn't be supported by
the installer.

  Peter Larsen

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