[Novalug] wget question

John Warren jpwarren00@gmail.com
Wed Dec 14 13:15:24 EST 2016

I've done this before:

wget -mkEpnp --wait=10 "http://YOUR_URL_HERE"
It works pretty well for creating offline mirrors, usually need to run some
additional transformation scripts on sites built with Drupal because of
internal paths getting scraped up.

On Tue, Dec 13, 2016 at 10:12 AM Ed James via Novalug <
novalug@firemountain.net> wrote:

> An ISP that I've used is shutting down soonish.  I want to "wget" stuff
> from my "web presence" there (www.greenbelt.com/edjames) to a PC directory
> - "/home/greenbeltdotcom/"
> Since the web site directory hierarchy mirrors my home computer, I'm
> cautious about not overwriting anything on my home computer, so I *really*
> want everything to go into greenbeltdotcom/, but maintain the directory
> structure thereafter that is already on the ISP.  That is, I want a
> recursive wget
> Question - if I launch wget from that directory, will that be the default
> used to stash everything, or must I somehow specify the target directory?
> Of course, I'm open to suggestions for the full process, syntax use, etc by
> anyone who has actually *done* this.  I can read docs all day, but I trust
> actual experience way more.
> Ed James
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