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Peter Larsen peter@peterlarsen.org
Wed Dec 14 09:56:00 EST 2016

On 12/13/2016 10:56 PM, Roger W. Broseus via Novalug wrote:
> All the discussion has led me to new levels of experimentation!
> I've been having trouble with the method / app provided by Private
> Private Internet Access to open a VPN connection. The app / "widget"
> borks when /home is encrypted. Other methods that they suggest are
> clumsy.

I hate sounding like a broken record here - but why not use
NetworkManager to manage your OpenVPN connection?

> Voilà: the openvpn command. I'm toying with it but wonder what the
> "best" command might be?
> I'm also stuck with having to use sudo, a stumbling block for
> automating this with a script or an alias. How to get around that will
> be interesting.

Reinventing wheels can be fun, but is rather fruitful. Btw. polkit is a
much better tool for this than sudo if you refuse to look/use
NetworkManager (which already uses polkit).

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