[Novalug] ls -d

Rich Kulawiec rsk@gsp.org
Tue Dec 13 09:42:31 EST 2016

On Tue, Oct 25, 2016 at 02:08:16PM -0400, James Ewing Cottrell III via Novalug wrote:
> Why are you Arguing the Case for Inefficiency?

Because I'm a seasoned professional who grasps the concept that fretting
about optimization in a script that will, *by design*, be run once and then
thrown away is ridiculous.

Because -- having written software that had life-or-death consequences --
I understand that there's a place for rigorous, bordering-on-fanatic
correctness.  I also understand that an introductory explanation to
the basics of shell scripting is nowhere near that place.

Because if I actually had to turn this into something efficient and
robust and durable I wouldn't be using find(1) at all.

Because I work on a lot of different Linux and Unix systems, and some
of them have versions of find(1) that don't support this construct.
Portability is much more important to me than efficiency.

Because -- without exception -- every programmer I've ever encountered
who obsessed about efficiency was an absolutely terrible programmer,
so I try very hard not to be one of them.


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