[Novalug] SPF etc - mail not getting delivered

Rich Kulawiec rsk@gsp.org
Tue Dec 13 09:10:00 EST 2016

On Wed, Oct 12, 2016 at 07:29:30PM -0400, Roger W. Broseus via Novalug wrote:
> I use Thunderbird to read email from several different accounts. Can I
> funnel email through procmail? 

Well...yes and no.

You can retrieve mail from several different accounts using fetchmail
(or equivalent programs that understand POP and IMAP).  You can have
fetchmail push all those message through procmail, and of course then
procmail's rulesets will decide how to dispose of them.  You could then
have procmail file whatever survives the process to a single mbox file
(or many mbox files, which is what I do) and then read it with the MUA
of your choice.  (I presume that Thunderbird still knows how to read
mbox files.  It would be a major disappointment if it didn't.)

Fetchmail can be directed to use procmail thusly:

	fetchmail -a --mda "procmail -f %F"

And procmail can be configured by setting up ~/.procmailrc thus:


This instructs procmail to use ~/mail as your mail directory, to default
to putting messages in ~/mail/inbound, to put log entries in ~/.procmail-log,
and to look in ~/.procmail for its rulesets -- two of which I've shown
here as rc.blah and rc.foo.  Salt all this to taste, of course.

Here's what the procmail rule for this list looks like: the line with
a # is a comment and contains a reminder of the administrative address.
The rule uses List-Id, which every mailing list should support.
The disposition of this traffic is the file "novalug", which per
the MAILDIR setting in ~/.procmailrc (see above) will turn out to
be ~/mail/novalug.

	# novalug: novalug-request@firemountain.net
	* ^List-Id:.*<novalug.firemountain.net>

By the way, ~/.procmail-log will grow without limit unless you
do something about it.  I use a nightly cron job to move it out
of the way; that same cron job restarts fetchmail so that it
starts writing a new instance of ~/.procmail-log instead of
continuing to append to the old one.

I *strongly* recommend, incidentally, NOT sending suspected spam to
/dev/null, as this will destroy the evidence of your mistakes --
and you're going to make mistakes.  Put it somewhere and look at it
periodically.  With some practice you should be able to eyeball
your way through it quickly.


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