[Novalug] Suggestions for web interface?

Peter Larsen peter@peterlarsen.org
Sun Dec 11 18:31:25 EST 2016

Well, let me start by saying that "applets" are out.  All those
"security holes in java" stuff in the media 3-4-5 years ago were all
about applet engines that weren't kept up to date and caused all kinds
of issues. In general, the JVMs are not going in that direction anymore.
For client based processing it's JavaScript which is generated and
managed by code downloaded from the middle-tier. The effect is almost
the same - very advanced UIs in a browser - but there's no longer an
executable being downloaded with all kinds of strange libraries.

On 12/11/2016 10:16 AM, Ed James via Novalug wrote:
> Howard,
> My Java skills are a bit rusty, and for all I know, out-of-date.  That
> said, there is another similar group - NoVaJUG@yahoogroups.com that is more
> suitable for Java questions.  However, we do have many Java experts here,
> who prolly would be happy to help.
> I suspect you want to build a Java "applet" that can connect back to some
> mothership and exchange data.  I've done that long ago, but I'm way rusty.
> Check the link
>       http://greenbelt.com/edjames/
> to a way outdated page of mine, go down a little, and look for the "Sample
> Java Programs" section.  I wrote some of them to function as both an
> Application and an Applet, depending on how it's launched.  I don't have
> Java installed on this machine that lets me run those applets, but they all
> used to work.  I have pages that show the working applet, some notes, and
> the source code.
> Note - I used to use an appletViewer program to run an applet, which made
> dev and testing a bit faster sometimes, rather than building an HTML file,
> sticking it on a webserver, and pulling it into a browser.
> Note - there may be "security issues" that get in the way when you run an
> Applet in a browser that's trying to connect to another machine "somewhere
> else".  Not insurmountable, just annoying.  Been a while since I did that.
> Hoping that helps get you started.
> Ed James
> On Sun, Dec 11, 2016 at 9:17 AM, Howard Buie via Novalug <
> novalug@firemountain.net> wrote:
>> Hello. My name is Howard, and I am new to the list. Briefly, I'm within my
>> first 2 years in a second career as a Java developer. My first career was
>> as an x-ray equipment repair person in a hospital. I went back to school,
>> got a Computer Science degree, and now I work in the financial industry.
>> While in school, I began a project that is meant to be educational for the
>> user. Currently, it's a Java desktop application. One of my intentions for
>> it has always been to make it available via a web interface, and I'm ready
>> to get busy again doing that. I just don't really know where to begin in
>> order to do it. Is there anyone here that might be interested in looking at
>> what I have and suggesting a particular technology/framework? What would be
>> the best way?
>> I did try to separate the concerns as much as I knew how. The ui talks to
>> the back end via a controller, so there is some separation that already
>> exists. I hoped this would make creating the server side relatively
>> straightforward when the time came to do that. I am particularly baffled by
>> how to create an interface similar to the one I did with Swing.
>> You can probably tell that I know very little and will ask dumb questions.
>> I'm sure there are some dumb things I've said already in this email that I
>> don't realize yet. Below is the link to the project:
>> https://github.com/hbuie112358/picMicroView
>> It's nice to meet you, and thanks for pointing me in a direction!
>> Howard
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  Peter Larsen

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