[Novalug] Suggestions for web interface?

Howard Buie hbuie112358@gmail.com
Sun Dec 11 09:17:49 EST 2016

Hello. My name is Howard, and I am new to the list. Briefly, I'm within my
first 2 years in a second career as a Java developer. My first career was
as an x-ray equipment repair person in a hospital. I went back to school,
got a Computer Science degree, and now I work in the financial industry.

While in school, I began a project that is meant to be educational for the
user. Currently, it's a Java desktop application. One of my intentions for
it has always been to make it available via a web interface, and I'm ready
to get busy again doing that. I just don't really know where to begin in
order to do it. Is there anyone here that might be interested in looking at
what I have and suggesting a particular technology/framework? What would be
the best way?

I did try to separate the concerns as much as I knew how. The ui talks to
the back end via a controller, so there is some separation that already
exists. I hoped this would make creating the server side relatively
straightforward when the time came to do that. I am particularly baffled by
how to create an interface similar to the one I did with Swing.

You can probably tell that I know very little and will ask dumb questions.
I'm sure there are some dumb things I've said already in this email that I
don't realize yet. Below is the link to the project:

It's nice to meet you, and thanks for pointing me in a direction!


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