[Novalug] Hosting email

Nick Danger nick@hackermonkey.com
Sat Dec 10 14:44:09 EST 2016

For the longest time I used a hosting company at the place I worked to
deal with hackermonkey.com email. When I quit that job I had to move it
and I went to 'zoho.com'. But I am finding lately that I get way more
spam. I am debating just doing a rewrite on my email to a gmail.com
address and be done with the complication of using a different hosting
provider than my official 'business professional' email.

Is there any email provider that lets you change the "from"? I only keep
this zoho.com around for lists like this one, so that I can reply from
the subscribed email address. And some old school systems that require
email to come from 'nick@hackermonkey.com'. Of course I could always
just reset such things.

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