[Novalug] stuck at reading route, traceroute

James Ewing Cottrell III jecottrell3@comcast.net
Sat Dec 10 00:55:16 EST 2016

Popular? I never saw one. Know anyone who did?

Actually, I think I may have seen one once, at an IBM shop.

But the point that Peter is trying to make is that the Entire Internet 
is Virtual; it is Simulated over Real Networks such as Ethernet, Token 
Ring, Packet Radio, and even Avian Carrier (OK, that RFC was a Joke).

Likewise, an IP Address is an Abstract thing, and there is always some 
kind of Mapping (i.e. ARP for Ethernet) Protocol to the Real MAC 
addresses of a Real Physical Network.


On 12/9/2016 6:14 PM, Peter Larsen via Novalug wrote:
> Before Ethernet "won" we had another very
> popular networking type, called Token Ring

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