[Novalug] Dec 10 945am Docker for Everyone

Peter Larsen peter@peterlarsen.org
Fri Dec 9 19:10:57 EST 2016

Recording/broadcast link posted - it should be a live link tomorrow at
10am :)

On 12/04/2016 08:46 PM, greg pryzby via Novalug wrote:
> The intent of the presentation is how non-developers can make use of docker
> without having to have a lot of knowledge or experience about docker itself.
> Docker is relatively recent (first release in 2013) and has proven very
> useful to developers and enterprises. However, many others can benefit from
> it as well.
> It can let you run many tools without having to install anything other than
> docker itself. Potentially even running them in the cloud rather than
> locally.
> This can be particularly helpful in that you don't have to worry about
> managing or updating versions of the tools or things such as libraries that
> they may be dependent on.
> The challenge can be in finding docker images and then knowing how to use
> them. You can also create your own (dockerize) docker images without too
> much knowledge. During the presentation we should be able to show a couple
> of examples of doing just that.
> An example of that is one that I did recently the source of which can be
> found at https://github.com/dougtoppin/lenticular and the resulting docker
> image at https://hub.docker.com/r/dougtoppin/lenticular/
> We will go through what I did to dockerize it and how to use the result.
> My current agenda looks like the following. The last few sections are there
> in case we have the time to get to them. They contain more information
> about how docker actually works which is interesting.
> As usual, anyone that has useful tidbits or related information please plan
> on chiming in during the presentation so that everyone can benefit. I'm
> confident that we have no lack of members that are more expert at docker
> than I am.
> Agenda
> * What is Docker
> * Typical Use Cases
> * Benefits
> * Docker commands
> * Docker for Everyone
> * How to Dockerize Something
> * Challenges
> * Big Uses of Docker
> * Where to get containers
> * Cloud Providers for Docker
> * What is a container
> * What is an image
> * What is a Dockerfile
> * Links

  Peter Larsen

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