[Novalug] ethernet hubs

Walt Smith waltechmail@yahoo.com
Fri Dec 9 13:36:32 EST 2016

I found a diagram  ( 2 weeks ago ) that appropriately
helped me add 2 and 3.  One user here described a ring.
Other online stuff described a star diagram, and serial
signals were mentioned.

Of course, I lost track of the diagram.

take a single wire, wrap it one time around your
house.   It's a Ring circuit.  Go to the center 
of each side and pull the wire inward to the 
center of the house.
Pretend the wire will stay at the corners and 
have enough length to come close to the center.
You now have a "X"  where each leg is 2 wires connected
continuously.  So it looks like an "X" but is really
a Ring circuit. !!!  

For each of the four legs, in the center, put a bypass switch.
-- really, shorting the short.   The short in the center is really 
some circuit ( not a short ) and the short you added bypasses 
the circuit.

IF you plug an ethernet cable in, the short switch is open and the 
simple circuit (ethernet style )  passes the signals. If the cable is 
unplugged the switch shorts that connector and the signals 
pass around.   

IOW, what the circuit NOW looks like conceptually is a parallel
circuit.  IT make sit easier to understand the operation.
The only exception is if any one line has a ethernet cable plugged
in, the hub thinks there a connection there, and the device at the 
other end is a dud.   Then you May have an open circuit, and the ring
signals stop at that connector.  Unlikely in todays world.


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