[Novalug] Ext4 != Ext4. Is XFS == XFS?

Aaron M. Ucko amu@alum.mit.edu
Fri Dec 9 13:12:45 EST 2016

James Ewing Cottrell III via Novalug <novalug@firemountain.net> writes:

> What I mean is, if I create an ext4 fs with RHEL6, I can't read it
> with RHEL6; nor can I read a RHEL6 ext4 fs with RHEL5. The reason is
> that newer systems use newer features, which are unknown to older
> systems.

Have you tried adjusting the set of enabled features, via either the -O
flag or mke2fs.conf?  ext4(5) documents the available choices.

I don't know how XFS compares on this front, but wouldn't be surprised
if the format remained constant for compatibility with IRIX.

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