[Novalug] F.C. 2 - a network setup with ASUS

Walt Smith waltechmail@yahoo.com
Fri Dec 9 13:09:29 EST 2016

The network is as follows:
( and I know the setup will be a little strange
for most people..  I find I learn the most 
when being  a little creative.)

I want the CentOS6 to browse the web.

I have a linux centos6 PC with ethernet 
jack ( eth0 ).    Wire from eth0 to LAN port 
on Asus wireless 4 port  wl-520G.
Nothing on Asus WAN port.

Desire Asus to act as AP CLIENT to next door
wifi.  I see if I use smartphone, next door wifi
assigns 10.229.x.x address ( local address).

Can this be done ?  Is it deemed impossible ?

My reading indicates port triggering operates only
on the WAN port.  My reading also indicates 
port forwarding also operates only on the WAN 
port. Is this TRUE?   On one networking diagram, 
the port forwarding server is on the LAN side of th
Asus, so there's another piece of puzzle.



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