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Actually, it does answer a couple:  particularly the
toolkits, which sound familiar, say in X,  ( which I
really don't know -- another  lecture ?), and the
fact that multiple languages, and not Just Java 
are used for app development.



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 Walt,Think of an app as a game for a video
 game system. It is something that is a black box that you an
 load onto your device and interact with as the app
 The next
 level down is there are toolkits where you can 'drag and
 drop' stuff to build the framework. You can then dig
 into the code. 
 wrote a WYSIWYG program for writing Xwindows apps by
 dragging and dropping. The interface was coded with stubs
 for the callbacks. There are similar things for phone app
 developerment. There are also higher langauges that can
 generate what is needed for the device (IOS or Android and
 maybe others) also. 
 Maybe that helps?
 On Thu, Dec
 8, 2016 at 1:56 PM Walt Smith via Novalug <novalug@firemountain.net>
 Thanks for the several replies I received.
 I recall some discussion happening on android
 sometime ago on the list.  Didn't know if still
 My intent is not to do development.  I was hoping for
 a little more info so I knew the how apps are part of,
 the droid infrastructure ( ata  high level )  how to
 understand resources, and as I said, to get an overview:
 for example, another site I found again -- mentioned some
 linux commands, but nothing about java or programming.
 (it was a "make your first app" article -- real
 level ).
 I do not intend the thread to be a in-depth thread like
 the networking threads.  For the original post,
 either 3 line answers or links to a recommended
 site would be appreciated. I don't expect answers to
 on sites further than 2 short paragrpahs if they
 are written correctly for the "Audience"..
 (if none appropriate, then there are none !! )
 wishful thinking I admit ...
 (ps: FYI: I've used command line compilers, gcc, Intel
 8085, Z80,
 68000, 6801, and Visual studio for VB6, some simple VS
 and eclipse for java.  For very simple code )..   except
 8 and early 16 bit stuff was for embdedded PCB's  ( now
 modules I suppose ).   Unfortunately, hardware was very
 separate from software in an organization, so I missed
 the early packet revolution even though one large PCB
 was a I/O peripheral for a packet rack..  but a
 peripheral in hardware in only some magic CPU with
 firmware and RAM, and function could be driving a train 
 At the time, real OS's like multitaskers passed me
 I'm still looking for more" broadband"
 experience here
 and there when something pokes at me.
 Soooo... private answers to my queries still accepted !!!
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 Walt and anyone else for Android dev,
 If you are not a developer, this is not an easy place to
 start. We have had
 some talks in the past and eclipse with the right tools
 makes it possible.
 There are environments that abstract the development to make
 is slightly
 easier, but if you have never built a computer app, this
 isn't something
 you will learn via a mailing list. There are tutorials,
 classes, hangouts,
 etc where you can get help and probably write an app.
 That said, I would be pretty surprised if there wasn't a
 app that was close
 to what you wanted to do already out there.
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