[Novalug] local DNS w/ Firefox on CentOS6

James Ewing Cottrell III jecottrell3@comcast.net
Wed Dec 7 22:41:53 EST 2016

Bind *is* named.

The first DNS name server was called BIND, standing for the Berkeley 
Internet Name Daemon. The daemon process itself is called NAMED.


On 11/28/2016 8:40 PM, Walt Smith via Novalug wrote:
> HI,
> In a normal distro, is there more than one name server
> available for the workstation ? Am I correct to
> associate package bind with named ?  Can named work by itself
> or is more of bind required.... I suppose I could rpm That,
> it wouldn't tell me How they may interact.
> setup:
> new approach, old problem.
> Long long ago, I posted how pppd lost it's name function:
> it appended  additional domain name to outgoing requests resulting
> in non-function  ( hostname.tenex.org.tenex.org  as one example.
> A second post was more recent. I mentioned I found out that
> Firefox had it's own caching... I think names in particular/to IP.
> I don't think I've been running any separate name caching
> or lookup.
> followup:
> So a light shone, and I wonder if firefox gets lost ( sending bad
> data to the ppp interface, or ppp buffer )  because of
> come corruption, and/or whether it does/may/maynot
> intereact with some name function on CentOS6 ( and most other
> Linux distros I've used.- as well as diff hardware ).
> I don't think I'm running named,  it's not listed in the "services"
> of the gui,  but I know other daemons run that Are Not listed
> in services -- don't know how they related to inetd...... ( not
> asking for help with this... yet .. ).  It Is installed !!
> Perhaps I should experiment with a cache name server and
> determine if Firefox would actually use it ??????
> Merely some enlightenment desired.
> Walt........
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