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Roger RogerB@bronord.com
Wed Dec 7 14:18:27 EST 2016

You might take a look at,

ANDftp , great for file transfers
Terminal Emulator
WiFi Analyser
Drop box: for file sharing - I share encrypted files between droids / widows / Linux.

There's a surprising number of apps for inter system communication beyond just USB. I haven't come across an to serve from a droid. 
Roger Broseus

(Please excuse tiepos induzed by the droided predictive text tool.)

On December 7, 2016 2:02:17 PM EST, Walt Smith via Novalug <novalug@firemountain.net> wrote:
>I was interested in androids apps.
>Especially as I discover what the little handheld device
>doesn't do that I might have expected.
>WRT how it works,
>( surprise !!  tldp is still around !!  I'd forgotten about them )
>is what a friend sent, and contains info on how to do a C compile both
>for a PC
>communicating with android and the android itself.  There's a program
>adb  ( not the package name )  whic supposedly comes with some distros
>IT doesn't seem to be included with CentOS6.  There's also a SDK for
>android which is not inherent in CentOS6 ( as expected - the
>non-inclusion that is ).
>I have not read the whole doc for content ( or even half )...
>Looking for some quick descriptions so I can feel in what time frame
>I'm motivated to do more -- after I finish networking.
>I see nothing about java development mentioned.
>I understand that what makes android "Android"  is the fact that 
>everything is in java.. Environment, apps etc.  
>Chapter 2 is somewhat surprising. It starts out mentioning almost
>nothing except the lines to type to compile an app... I surmise the
>app is merely a compile of a built-in templat you add code to.
>NO code is shown, or mentioned ( neither C nor java )... so' it's a
>bui odd, but still, a starting point for the procedure to do something.
>I have NOT read the article for content.  But wanted to mention 
>android as a linux box of sorts. And for possible future motivation on
>my part.
>There are some surprising things about the handhelds:  How few
>useful apps there are for geeks, how little networking is built-in...
>i.e. I'm surprised all the handhelds do the Microsoft originated
>Folder/file Sharing  ( SMB=> samba ) instead of "servers".
>(I include iphone in all the handhelds -- except it's even more
>for free stuff.   The desire for average persons to use an iphone and
>get their apps and media from Apple can be understood better...
>especially if you  have a plastic card account and don't mind spending
>$1 here, $2 there on a somewhat regular basis.
>I am still miffed at the lack of communication with a PC for android.
>( yea, I know some of you don't see it.. But think: old guy and
>old apps ).   One terminal program I tried will do ssh, sftp etc...
>but I need to "connect" to something else: no terminal Window
>on the android -- unless----- What is the Darn server number of 
>the android itself?    Can I connect with
>OK, I have a lot of things to try ( after I finish the networking thing
>One suprising thing: a search for apps kept turning up the same
>sites that are connected with google play.  I finally found some
>real open source stuff after I put "open source" into the search line
>and found there are apps on github, etc, etc... That was by accident !
>Q: how do I interpret the memory shown in storage menu's ?
>I'm interpreting that the 8 gigs is used for apps storage and use,
>and the user cannot access it for user files.  The SDcard is clearly
>shown in a "files" program, and completely accessible.
>correct ?
>I'm also looking for an overview ( architecture ) of the android
>describing ( not explaining in detail ) the use of the linux OS, 
>the modules and servers used, how much of the OS or the
>shell if java, and the "java" gui or shell are used?  
>NO, I haven't seriously looked yet.  That could take hours 
>and hours,  I hope someone has a minute for 3 lines here or
>there, and of course I never expect "research"  from 
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