[Novalug] Linux Substitute for Vizio

Charles R. Head charlesrhead65@gmail.com
Wed Dec 7 14:05:38 EST 2016


For some time, I've been looking for an equivalent to Vizio that will 
run in Linux.  A key point in finding a real functioning equivalent is 
to find software that can recognize and use the icons in Vizio for 
various physical or logical items, such as the components of a network.  
These icons are not just little pictures.  For example, in the diagram 
of an Ethernet network, the icons for network elements include live 
connection points that are used to anchor the Ethernet cables that 
connect the various network components to one another.  When you 
relocate a network component, the Ethernet cables connecting to that 
component are adjusted to maintain the necessary connections. 
LibreOffice Draw and other drawing programs cannot do this. Today, I 
found a web site that claimed that an application named yEd could.  I'd 
like to install and try yEd to see what it can do.

I found a web site where I can download yEd ( 
http://www.yworks.com/products/yed/download ) and I've downloaded the 
yEd installer script.  However, the instructions for installing yEd 
consist of the following:

"yEd installer script for 64-bit Linux systems (Intel/AMD architecture). 
Either *chmod +x* first, or execute using *sh*. Includes a suitable Java 
8 JRE."

I know how to install .deb and .rpm packages.  However, I have no idea 
what the instructions above are talking about.  I recognize that *chmod 
+x* and *sh* are references to command line entries.  However, I'm 
confident that they are not the complete command line entries.  What 
else do I need to include with *chmod +x* or *sh* to actually do the 

Thank you for any help you can give me.

*Charlie Head*

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