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Walt Smith waltechmail@yahoo.com
Wed Dec 7 14:02:17 EST 2016


I was interested in androids apps.
Especially as I discover what the little handheld device
doesn't do that I might have expected.

WRT how it works,


( surprise !!  tldp is still around !!  I'd forgotten about them )

is what a friend sent, and contains info on how to do a C compile both for a PC
communicating with android and the android itself.  There's a program called
adb  ( not the package name )  whic supposedly comes with some distros
IT doesn't seem to be included with CentOS6.  There's also a SDK for
android which is not inherent in CentOS6 ( as expected - the non-inclusion that is ).
I have not read the whole doc for content ( or even half )...
Looking for some quick descriptions so I can feel in what time frame
I'm motivated to do more -- after I finish networking.

I see nothing about java development mentioned.
I understand that what makes android "Android"  is the fact that 
everything is in java.. Environment, apps etc.  

Chapter 2 is somewhat surprising. It starts out mentioning almost
nothing except the lines to type to compile an app... I surmise the
app is merely a compile of a built-in templat you add code to.
NO code is shown, or mentioned ( neither C nor java )... so' it's a
bui odd, but still, a starting point for the procedure to do something.

I have NOT read the article for content.  But wanted to mention 
android as a linux box of sorts. And for possible future motivation on
my part.

There are some surprising things about the handhelds:  How few
useful apps there are for geeks, how little networking is built-in...
i.e. I'm surprised all the handhelds do the Microsoft originated
Folder/file Sharing  ( SMB=> samba ) instead of "servers".
(I include iphone in all the handhelds -- except it's even more limiting
for free stuff.   The desire for average persons to use an iphone and
get their apps and media from Apple can be understood better...
especially if you  have a plastic card account and don't mind spending
$1 here, $2 there on a somewhat regular basis.

I am still miffed at the lack of communication with a PC for android.
( yea, I know some of you don't see it.. But think: old guy and
old apps ).   One terminal program I tried will do ssh, sftp etc...
but I need to "connect" to something else: no terminal Window
on the android -- unless----- What is the Darn server number of 
the android itself?    Can I connect with

OK, I have a lot of things to try ( after I finish the networking thing ).

One suprising thing: a search for apps kept turning up the same
sites that are connected with google play.  I finally found some
real open source stuff after I put "open source" into the search line
and found there are apps on github, etc, etc... That was by accident !

Q: how do I interpret the memory shown in storage menu's ?
I'm interpreting that the 8 gigs is used for apps storage and use,
and the user cannot access it for user files.  The SDcard is clearly
shown in a "files" program, and completely accessible.
correct ?

I'm also looking for an overview ( architecture ) of the android
describing ( not explaining in detail ) the use of the linux OS, 
the modules and servers used, how much of the OS or the
shell if java, and the "java" gui or shell are used?  
NO, I haven't seriously looked yet.  That could take hours 
and hours,  I hope someone has a minute for 3 lines here or
there, and of course I never expect "research"  from 



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