[Novalug] Another Good Book Series about Emergent AI

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Entered name of book + PDF and first link is free PDF. You can use that or
use Calibre to convert to another format. Replace PDF w/ the format of


I would check out the non PDF ones in a way so if the site is shady. I like
to get pdf and convert, YMMV

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> *Guys,*
> I'll admit that I'm particularly interested in the concepts surrounding
> the possible emergence of a human level (or better) artificial
> intelligence, but I'm betting that some of you are too.  If you do have
> such an interest, you might enjoy reading a new 4 book series by Dietmar
> Wehr titled */The Synchronicity War/* (*/The Avagadro Corp./*, */A. I.
> Apocalypse/*, */The Last Firewall/*, and */The Turing Exception/*).
> I can tell you this much, while still avoiding spoilers.  The Avagadro
> Corp. (named after a well known large number) runs as one of it's
> products a popular e-mail service (I think I know a similar real
> company).  In the process of attempting to enhance the quality of their
> e-mail service, they employ self optimizing algorithms which rapidly get
> out of hand.
> I'm into the middle of the fourth book at this point, and I'm thoroughly
> enjoying myself.  As an added bonus, I got them as epub books via the
> Kobo on-line bookstore at prices ranging from Free to less than $4.
> Along these lines, does anyone know where I can get a reasonably priced
> epub copy of Ray Kurzweil's book */The Singularity is Near/*?
> *Charlie Head*
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