[Novalug] How to get data from s5 running Android 6.0.1?

Howard L how0909@freeshell.org
Sun Dec 4 11:57:03 EST 2016

So is this support really such a joke? WHY!

I was given a Boost Galaxy s5 with cracked screen; Figured I'd try to 
learn it a bit.

I can plug USB cable too win7 and access files same as flash drive NO 

Booted to Fedora 19 NO!

dmesg shows it is seen but not connected to a device.

Looking around some saw to install and use simple-mtpfs.

Now I am getting the pop-up dialog to open file manager but that is weird.

Left side only shows:

Location bar shows :

Right side shows:

Clicking that I can navigate the driod file structure but not actually 
copy files or open in viewer.

I guess I'll just use windows, to access a linux device, that's just stupid.
BTW fedora website has become a joke too. What is going on there? Forum 
is barely useful. ask.fedora is for ...
I do like and am reading the redhat networking article Peter posted the 
other day.
sorry, frustrated,

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