[Novalug] house cleaning - original AT&T System V UNIX manual

Jon LaBadie novalugml@jgcomp.com
Wed Aug 31 04:36:31 EDT 2011

Anyone interested in a copy of the first AT&T UNIX Release 5 
manuals, User's and Sys Admin's.  I.e. man pages on paper.

Two fun notes:

Screen oriented editors (eg. vi, emacs, and gedit) were fairly
new back then and these manuals document "se" AT&T's horrible
attempt to write their own rather than include the Berkerly
developed "vi".  But se was such a POS that vi was included
in the release, but too late to make it into the first manuals.

After printing of these manuals was ordered, Judge Green ruled
that the Bell System logo, a bell in a circle, was property of
the "divested" regional companies, not of AT&T.  Whoops, these
manuals were printed with several of the illegal logos.  At the
training center where I was working, the manuals were given to
every UNIX student, so several forklift pallets of the tainted
manuals arrived.  They solved the problem by hiring HS students
to punch out each logo in every copy.

My copy is still tainted.

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