[Novalug] OT: Electrical Wiring Q

greg pryzby greg@pryzby.org
Mon Aug 29 09:29:13 EDT 2011

Looking for electrical wiring help.

I have 3 light switches (2 have 3-wires and 1 has 4-wires). I put a
new light in near the 4-wire switch.

I would like to tie the new light (2-wires + ground) into the wiring
at the 4-wire switch. I can't get it to work/cycle w/ the lights.
Meaning when the existing lights are on, the new light is out. When
the new light is on, the existing lights are out. Playing with the 3
switches I can get the new and existing lights all out, but nothing
gets them all on.

ANY constructive help (besides hire an electrician) are welcome. I
imagine the internet can save me the electrician fee and teach me
about wiring.

greg pryzby                              greg at pryzby dot org

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