[Novalug] Latency

Jay Hart jhart@kevla.org
Sun Aug 28 14:39:30 EDT 2011

Do you have any other connection options than tsclient?


> Has anyone taken a programming course from O'Reilly? I'm attempting to do that
> right now.
> I say "attempting" because I'm having a terrible problem with the interface.
> I'm using tsclient to connect and I've only managed to get that running on my
> laptop under ubuntu. I can't get it to work on my desktop machines running
> Suse.
> When I connect the frustration really starts. Screen updates take forever. It
> took me almost ten minutes to write three lines of code today. Can anyone
> think of something I can do on this end to make it work better (other than
> running Windoze?
> Dan
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