[Novalug] OT? : sleep apnea devices

Beartooth beartooth@Beartooth.Info
Sun Aug 28 14:04:01 EDT 2011

On Sun, 28 Aug 2011, shawn wilson wrote:

> All of this can be done with microchips. Look at atmel for a 
> hobbiest chip and NXP, TI, microchip, etc as well. I think 
> you're more interested in RE than chip development though. 

> Have you looked at the files / data on the sdcard? [....]

 	Apart from being way over my head, all your assumptions 
are contrary to my facts. I have only just heard that I have the 
complaint, and will *presumably* be advised to *get* a device; 
so I'm asking about what's available.

 	Given that a large amount of data is available (from at 
least some devices) and has to be run through an OS at least once 
(whether on the device or on a computer sometimes connected to 
it), I want to be able to examine and monitor some intelligible 
form of that data, just as I do with blood pressure and would 
with such things as blood sugar if I were to need to -- and not 
have to make appointments with doctors every time I turn around.

 	The general sites explaining such devices to the layman 
concur on the need to study the variety of what's available, and 
make an intelligent first choice.

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