[Novalug] more on sleep apnea devices

Beartooth beartooth@Beartooth.Info
Sun Aug 28 11:35:13 EDT 2011

On Sat, 27 Aug 2011, Justin Robert Swain wrote:

> I talked with both my doctor and the vendor of my CPAP device . 
> . . 1. the software is Proprietary 2. Neither party wants the 
> client to have software to read and present the values stored. 
> 3. The goal is to have only the Doctor interpret the data.
> While I understand the reasoning that does not mean I agree 
> with it (as it applies to me.)

 	Nor do I. Mumbo-jumbo and professing obscure wisdom are 
the first refuge of the charlatan.

 	My respondents are unanimously enthused with the 
practice, but for one exception -- the one whose opinion on such 
things I value most, and who pans it utterly, attributing its 
success to fad and the placebo effect.

 	So I may be up a stump, looking to find enough info for 
an informed opinion of my own. If I'm also denied access to that, 
I'll take it as a very bad sign, very bad indeed.

 	But we're veering off topic here. I'll be glad of any 
info a/o advice under the list, computer-related or not, however. 
Many thanks for the responses so far!

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