[Novalug] OT? : sleep apnea devices

Beartooth beartooth@Beartooth.Info
Sat Aug 27 15:44:30 EDT 2011

 	This sounds like it ought to be OT, but I think not.

 	There a whole range of devices, differing in various 
ways, one of which is that some are "data capable"; and a page 
about that at 
mentions software.

 	If it has or can report to software, there has to be an 
OS in the mix somewhere, right? (What got me into this was an 
"oximeter" gadget on one index finger all night that recorded 
blood oxygen levels; next day it was picked up and connected to a 
computer somewhere. Next came one connected to a computer, along 
with a couple dozen electrodes. (I balked at a videotape.))

 	I want to say, with old CC Filson, "Might as well have 
the best" -- and whatever that is for my case, it obviously has 
to run linux, or at least be linux-compatible.

 	Anybody know anything? The web pages I'm finding don't 
get to the level of computational orthodoxy vs. anathema ....

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