[Novalug] OT - Re: house cleaning - windows stuff (Jon LaBadie)

Roger W. Broseus rogerb@bronord.com
Wed Aug 24 19:02:58 EDT 2011

I keep at least one disk of "obsolete" Win install disks around. Why?

Example: Now this is a bit tortuous. Student version of Win-7 / upgrade. Clean 
system. Had skipped Vista. Since it's an upgrade version of Win-7 I had, it 
would not install. (Side note: one can not upgrade to Win-7 from XP. But (as I 
recall), I installed XP (upgrade) which called for proof of ownership of a 
previous version of Win. My old Win-98 did that. THEN, I could leap-frog over 
Vista to Win-7. I've made similar leaps with previous upgrade installs of 
earlier versions of Win.

My guess is that an old MS Office disk could also save $$ during an install of 
a later version of Orfice. Of course *I* personally use Open Office.

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> On Tue, Aug 23, 2011 at 11:21:59PM -0400, Jay Hart wrote:
>> Jon,
>> You might could get good money on the Win 3.1 disks on eBay...
>> Jay
> There are 7 pages of Win 3.1 items on eBay.
> On the 1st page there are 17 sets of the same disks I have.
> There were a total of ZERO bids for those 17 sets.
> I must have missed your smiley Jay.
> jl
>>> Gosh I'm such a pack rat.  We're moving to a smaller
>>> house in Reston so I've got to get rid of a lot of
>>> odds and ends.  I'll mention them on the list before
>>> trashing them.
>>> First up is ooold Microsoft software.  OS's including
>>> XP pro, 2000 Pro, NT4 Workstation, Win98, Win95,
>>> and even floppies for Win 3.1.

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