[Novalug] external peripheral case available

Jon LaBadie novalugml@jgcomp.com
Sat Aug 20 13:21:03 EDT 2011

I've got an unused case I had intended for a bare-bones
SCSI tape drive.  Turned out the drive I purchased came
with a case.  So this one is available to a good home.

Pretty large, dimensions are 5"x8"x15" (h,w,d).

Has a power supply for the device(s) and a case fan.
Intended for 5.25 inch devices like 2 optical drives
or a double high tape drive.

Back plate has several "punch outs" for different
types of connectors and "Centronics-type" SCSI
connectors are included.

Also included is a blank face plate if only one
optical device is mounted.

Give a yell if interested.

Jon H. LaBadie                  novalugml@jgcomp.com
 JG Computing
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