[Novalug] hosed my server -- help!

Jay Hart jhart@kevla.org
Tue Aug 16 18:17:23 EDT 2011


For your server, I believe Windows would fix your Linux shell issue.
Believe it or not I still have DOS 6.22 you could load on that thing.

IPV6 is slow to be adopted for many reasons, NAT being one of them.


> My server is in its 11th year of faithful service. It has served many
> roles during its life, now it's my server.
> Since it has somewhat limited memory capacity, limited by its
> northbridge, I decided to get cute and use busybox as the shell, as it
> is a lighter shell and takes advantage of shared memory for a number of
> common utilities which are built in, just like the good old days of
> Command.com. =)
> Anything that makes my system function more like a DOS machine makes me
> very happy. =)
> So my system has /bin/sh -> busybox and bin/bash.
> Unfortunately, my startup utilities which actually depend on /bin/bash,
> are written so that they make the stupid assumption that /bin/sh is
> always /bin/bash. =(
> So when I booted my machine, it failed to run it's critical startup
> scripts, most serious of which is the script which tells it to re-mount
> / in read-write mode so that I can either re-link the shell or try to
> track down all the buggy scripts and point them at the correct shell.
> I hate linux.
> In other news, I upgraded a netgear router on my LAN which was out of
> service and was outdated in all of its specifications with a new top of
> the line netgear router. I've started to play with IPv6.
> I wonder why adoption is so slow? I've been having a good experience
> with it so far, but then I don't have an IPv6 gateway yet. =\
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