[Novalug] hosed my server -- help!

Alan Grimes agrimes@speakeasy.net
Tue Aug 16 00:26:31 EDT 2011

My server is in its 11th year of faithful service. It has served many 
roles during its life, now it's my server.

Since it has somewhat limited memory capacity, limited by its 
northbridge, I decided to get cute and use busybox as the shell, as it 
is a lighter shell and takes advantage of shared memory for a number of 
common utilities which are built in, just like the good old days of 
Command.com. =)

Anything that makes my system function more like a DOS machine makes me 
very happy. =)

So my system has /bin/sh -> busybox and bin/bash.

Unfortunately, my startup utilities which actually depend on /bin/bash, 
are written so that they make the stupid assumption that /bin/sh is 
always /bin/bash. =(

So when I booted my machine, it failed to run it's critical startup 
scripts, most serious of which is the script which tells it to re-mount 
/ in read-write mode so that I can either re-link the shell or try to 
track down all the buggy scripts and point them at the correct shell.

I hate linux.

In other news, I upgraded a netgear router on my LAN which was out of 
service and was outdated in all of its specifications with a new top of 
the line netgear router. I've started to play with IPv6.

I wonder why adoption is so slow? I've been having a good experience 
with it so far, but then I don't have an IPv6 gateway yet. =\


Powers are not rights.

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