[Novalug] Actiontec router, Revison F

Jon LaBadie novalugml@jgcomp.com
Fri Aug 12 01:03:24 EDT 2011

Like several (many?) others, I've been running with my
own router in front of the Actiontec 424 router.  Its
DHCP and/or DNS tables were overflowing.  Now it only
deals with the tv STBs.  And then it stopped doing
even those functions and Verizon replaced it.

The new unit is Revision F, up from Rev C.  Spec-wise
it is very different:

  processor is 64-bit, dual core
  wifi now supports protocol N
  ethernet ports are now gigabit
    (shame the ONT -> WAN port isn't gigabit)

Has anyone who had trouble with earlier revisions of
the *&#! Actiontec router compared them to the new model?
Are past problems eliminated?  If so, I could repurpose
my other router.

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