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Walt Smith waltechmail@yahoo.com
Thu Aug 11 13:17:26 EDT 2011

You ask a good Q: why is it running out of memory ?

Just to restate what you posted, 
I see that a Mozilla product, X and Chrome occupy a heck
of a lot of memory.  Whether virtual is using swap or not
is not relevant.. But if virt is a big number, it's coming from
somewhere.  Read-only ?  ( counts the bin file size??)
( so it's not actually using RAM ?   or is it ?  )
Should load in only what it needs to physical.

I have the same experience ever since Mozilla was invented.
Right now, I have a 1 gig ram, and about once a week Mozilla
eats up all the RAM.  Last year I had 1/2 gig and I see no difference.
I have swap on HD, so when the ram gets
eaten, I see the box slow down-- the swap merely buys me some time.
And it's barely enough before the user response stops.
I simply close Firefox and restart it and everything is fine.
Fedora-12.   This has been ongoing since way back as best I can recall
to Fedora 6 or Fedora 3 or whatever.  Each new "faster" firefox works
just like the previous one.  I'm still with the distro FF 3.5, heard that
FF4 was faster, and then I see many blogs contradict that.

There are times when my imagination believes the box did some overnite
database update ( perhaps for "locate" ), used up the ram,
and by morning hasn't released the memory pool yet.   
But thats my imagination since closing Firefox is the ONLY way to
a responsive system.   I have on MANY occassions experimented with
closing any other open apps up to free memory:  sometimes
a terminal, sometimes one or 2 file browsers, or other apps.
But closing them only makes things worse:  Firefox instantly grabs
any released memory.

There was recent;y a news report that a FF team is going to
specialize in reducing memory leakage.  I'll believe it AFTER
I see it.   Not the marketing, not the hype, but blogs saying
it's really working better.

I half thought about trying Chrome.  But after seeing your
mem report, I don't think so.


"Alan Grimes" <agrimes@speakeasy.net>
Hello, I bought a monster machine last year with 8 gigs of ram, yet I ran out just now. I don't use swap space because Linux badly abuses it, murdering performance. So my dekstop nearly locked up.... Why did this happen? =\

I was re-building chromium and the linker took up 2GB!! But that is only a tiny fraction of the story because I had 6 other gb to play with...

Here is the worst offender list from top, sorted by %mem.

I can't wait for that new windowing system, X sucks nuts, as you can see, it's the biggest memory hog on my system. =(

3592 root      20   0  846m 678m  18m R    2  8.5   1681:34 1868 718m X
19066 atg       20   0 1236m 445m  13m S    1  5.6 425:43.86   52 695m seamonkey-bin
19133 atg       20   0 1284m 442m  10m S    8  5.5   1830:17   48 921m plugin-containe
4106 atg       20   0 1308m 402m 1060 S    0  5.0  19:45.87   64 680m kdevelop
27804 atg       20   0 1222m 298m 6348 S    0  3.7 201:35.16  42m 878m chrome
19752 atg       20   0  850m 199m 6996 S    0  2.5 442:11.28   56 338m akregator
6305 root      20   0  261m 160m 1612 S    2  2.0   2:39.99    4 158m emerge
18848 atg       20   0  769m 123m 7508 S    0  1.5  89:17.13  42m 286m chrome
6114 atg       20   0  869m 100m 4448 S    0  1.3 175:53.52  956  89m pidgin
10498 atg       20   0  510m 100m 1232 S    0  1.3  11:57.94   60 207m okular
19936 atg       20   0 1023m  94m  232 S    0  1.2  19:41.77  42m 678m chrome
21255 atg       20   0 1036m  88m 2112 S    0  1.1   0:55.26  42m 691m chrome

-- E T F

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