[Novalug] Netbook for sale (Acer Aspire One)

David A. Cafaro dac@cafaro.net
Wed Aug 3 21:12:47 EDT 2011

Hi All,

Yes another netbook up for sale.

With my recent purchase of a MacBook Pro 15" (Mac OS X and Fedora 15 installed) and my NookColor (rooted so it's now a tablet), I don't need this little one anymore.

It started off as a Acer Aspire One ZG5, but it's been modified a tad.

Original Specs:
Intel Atom 1.6Ghz cpu
1GB Ram
16GB SSD drive
802.11b/g Wifi
Dual SD Flash Slots
3 USB 2.0 ports
10/100 Ethernet Port
VGA Out Port
Audio In/Out Ports
8.9" 1024x600 Glossy LCD
0.3 MegaPixel WebCam
6 Cell Lithium Ion Extended Battery
Fake leather slip cover
Linux pre-installed

Current Additions
Now at 1.5GB Ram (Max)
Replaced slow 16GB SSD with the fastest 64GB SSD I could find for it (RunCore Brand)

It's still in very good condition, biggest issue is one missing rubber foot on the bottom (which isn't used because of the feet on the extended battery).  I'll include the old 16GB drive and the external drive case that came with the RunCore that turns it into a small external USB drive.

It still works fine, and I currently have Fedora 13 loaded on it with full partition encryption (minus /boot) and selinux enforcing.  The buyer can tell me what they want installed linux wise and I try and get the standard install on to get them started.  Most of my experience is withe RedHat/Centos/Fedora, but I have on occasion touched other distros :-).

Would like $200 for it, primarily because of the nice SSD drive in it (makes the whole machine so much quicker).

David A. Cafaro <dac@cafaro.net>
Cafaro's Ramblings:  www.cafaro.net

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