[Novalug] LVM or Directory with LVM for KVM?

Brander Snaxe brandon20va@yahoo.com
Wed Aug 3 14:18:15 EDT 2011

Thanks, Crawford.

That helps. I plan on using LVM directly then. Can the normal LVM snapshotting mechanisms be used for backup or should this be done inside the virtual machines themselves? Would you know if LVM snapshot would function similar to VMware vSphere snapshots?

Thanks, much!

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> I've just set up an Ubuntu Server 10.04 for KVM virtualization. I must
> note that I am new to KVM as well.?
> I am going to build a RAID10 and use it as a PV in an LVM VG. My
> original thought was to build and mount the LV myself and then use
> directories for the storage pool there. I noticed that KVM can use the
> LV directly in its configuration.What's the advantage of doing this?
> TIA,
> ? Brandon

Brandon and company:

In testing and trying out KVM (also on Ubuntu 10.04LTS) we initially had a directory that was where the virtual disks as files were stored.  We later converted the virtual disks to logical volumes directly.  The advantage here is that with LVM we can grow (or in theory shrink) the virtual disk size as needed.  We were also able to streamline our virtual machine roll out with using templates a bit easier by just using "dd" to copy from the template to the new LVM logical volume target.

HTH.  Also to note, I receive the NOVALug list in Digest format so pardon any delays in responding in advance.


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